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The power of forgiveness

Farolyn-Mann-photo-CROP-2-213x300Why should we forgive those who have hurt us?

Perhaps, you feel that forgiving someone who has hurt you gives him or her permission to repeat this bad behavior. Or, maybe you believe that forgiving acts of cruelty, abuse or disrespect makes the person right and you wrong. Or, do you fear that forgiving the person who has caused you pain means you must allow her or him back into your life. I am here to tell you that forgiving those who hurt us is not synonymous with any of the above.

Forgiveness is never about the person who has hurt us. Forgiving another is always about us and how we respond to the act that has caused us pain. Of course, it can be a difficult process to forgive someone who has hurt you. In many ways, however, the quality of your life beyond the pain depends on it.

The strength to forgive and find inner peace is within you. My presentation will give you the tools you need to release and move beyond anger, hurt and bitterness. By unlocking your inner strength, you can take back your power and gain peace of mind, good health and the freedom to build a new and happy life.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” — Mathatma Gandhi


Reverend Farolyn Mann is an Associate Minister with Unity of Houston. Before studying theology and being ordained in 2004, she spent more than 20 years as a senior officer in the banking industry, and then worked more than a decade in the field of interior design and space planning.

Reverend Mann currently oversees the church’s counseling department, its prayer ministry, adult groups, Spanish speaking ministry and bookstore. Yet, one of her deepest passions is facilitating women’s journeys as they step into lives they love.

“I enjoy interacting with people at all stages of life and in all stages of their spiritual growth as they reach to embrace more of who they are,” Rev. Mann says.

Over the years, Reverend Mann has presented to a variety of women’s groups and conferences, and has led a number of women’s retreats.

“Within every person there lies a power waiting to be unleashed,” she says. ” I absolutely love stepping into a classroom or coaching session and sharing principles that open the mind and the heart of each individual to the truth of who God created them to be.”