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The Guide to Good Divorce℠

Divorce happens. And while it is rarely easy, it can be an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. The Guide to Good Divorce℠ program is designed to help women at all stages of ending a marriage. At the heart of the program are guidance from uniquely qualified experts on the law of divorce in Texas, divorce financial planning, enhancing life skills, and physical and spiritual wellness.

The Guide to Good Divorce℠ also provides opportunities for women facing divorce to network and connect with each other by building new communities for support. The secret is learning how to navigate your divorce to a healthier and happier life successfully.

Divorce workshop attendees have access to experts on:

  • The laws of divorce in Texas
  • Divorce financial planning
  • Life skills
  • Physical and spiritual wellness

In addition, women who come to the seminar will have the opportunity to meet and share with others facing the challenges of divorce and start to build new communities of support. Building such connections can be a pivotal aspect of the healing and growth process during a divorce.

Through these interactions, attendees can share their experiences, stories, and coping strategies, providing emotional support and understanding that can be profoundly reassuring during a tumultuous time. Sign up for our next seminar to learn some new skills, share your experiences, and receive valuable legal and financial information.

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Our Next Divorce Seminar

Saturday, September 14, 2024
8:30 am to 2:00 pm
The Houstonian Hotel 111 N Post Oak Ln, Houston, TX 77024
Questions? Call Vanessa at 713-932-7177 or email [email protected]

Navigate the Divorce Process with Confidence

Attending this convenient, in-person divorce workshop will assist you in ending conflict and preparing for new beginnings. Our seminar offers divorce advice that helps you through your divorce proceedings. This ranges from how to separate property to family stabilization.

Experiencing a major life change, such as divorce, is challenging. The Guide to Good Divorce℠ is a self-empowerment program and seminar designed to help you successfully navigate this transition to “your next best life.”

How To Get A Divorce in Texas: The 5 Keys To Your Next Best Life & New Beginnings

The Guide to Good Divorce℠ will steer you through the process of divorce by focusing on The Five Keys to unlocking the door to your next best life. These five very important areas that all women go through during divorce include the legal aspects of divorce, finances, life skills, wellness, and community.

Acquire Legal Knowledge

Consulting an attorney early will help you consider a number of factors that may or may not have occurred to you, including the timing of your filing, your spousal rights under Texas law, what is separate and what is community property, who qualifies for spousal maintenance, what happens in court, how custody of minor children and child support in is decided, and much more.

Engage in Divorce Financial Planning

One of the most important aspects of the divorce process involves money. For starters, you must gain a clear understanding of your finances and how decisions made during divorce will impact you and your family’s financial future.

Gain New Life Skills

Your lifestyle is likely to change dramatically following a divorce. Now is the time to think about and plan for what lies ahead. Getting involved in your community, starting a new hobby, learning a language, and taking online classes are just a few examples.

Practice Wellness

Many women focus on their husbands and families for much of their lives. As you begin to transition through a divorce, now is the time to focus on yourself and your needs—physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Create New Communities

Some of your couple friends may or may not make the transition with you through a divorce, so plan now to look for opportunities to make new friends. You could be invited to divorce support groups, which can be an effective way of seeking help. Create a future to look forward to — sign up today!

Our Divorce Program Creator - Trey Yates

As a Board Certified Family Law attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Trey Yates has guided women through the trials and tribulations of divorce cases since 1986. He created The Guide to Good Divorce℠ to empower women with the resources they need to make informed decisions during this emotionally turbulent time. This guide can help women tackle the difficulties of a divorce from the moment they decide to get a divorce to well beyond when the divorce is finalized.

Trey is a believer in offering clients alternatives to courtroom battles and is experienced in the areas of dispute resolution, known as mediation. He is a Certified Attorney-Mediator and a Certified Family Law Mediator. Trey is also trained as a Collaborative Family Lawyer, providing his clients with a new and innovative method of settling family law disputes that seeks a “win-win” solution for both parties.

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Unlock the door to your next best life.

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Be empowered and learn how to successfully navigate through divorce to a healthier and happier life.

At the heart of The Guide to Good Divorce℠ is information and guidance from uniquely qualified experts on divorce laws, divorce financial planning, life skills, and wellness. We also encourage women going through divorce to explore opportunities to network with other women who are experiencing similar challenges. Get started with us today.