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Dr. Staci Passe, LMSW, Ph.D.

Dr. Passe earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from the University of Texas, and a doctorate degree in counseling psychology from the University of Houston. She is dually licensed in social work (LMSW) and psychology. She has conducted numerous groups, workshops, and seminars both nationally and locally in addition to being a featured speaker on radio and television. Her aim is to foster a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship where folks can feel willing and able to elevate their way of living.

She says, “My intention is to empower others to BE SOMEONE with meaning and purpose in life; to live in a way that is fulfilling and transcends presenting problems, diagnoses, and life challenges. A myriad of diverse personal and professional opportunities have positioned me to be an agent of change.

I have gained invaluable insight into ‘what works’ and am skilled at implementing evidence-based interventions through 20 years serving in outpatient, inpatient, residential, community, school, agency, and hospital settings. I have partnered with clients presenting with a myriad of diagnoses in addition to specializing in disordered eating, trauma, self-harm, behavior problems, family system challenges, and supportive parenting. Additionally, I am uniquely positioned to partner with families going through high-conflict divorce, as I guide wives and offer frameworks to support children while being attuned to the nuances of marriage dissolution. ”

For more information about Dr. Staci Passe, visit her website at:

301 Sul Ross St.
Houston TX 77006

Phone 713-489-8478
Email [email protected]

Be empowered and learn how to successfully navigate through divorce to a healthier and happier life.