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Emily Padua

Emily is a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher and a single mother to 2 young kids who is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and helping others. After a corporate career in Banking, Emily transitioned to being a full-time mother and found yoga at a time in her life that was full of change and uncertainty. Yoga provided the mental clarity, stress relief, and deep spiritual connection that helped her navigate through a divorce with an infant and a toddler.

Today, Emily leans on yoga as a moral compass and lifestyle to stay present and centered. Always a student, Emily is almost finished with her advanced 300-hour certification, which included trips to Bali and India for trainings.

Through yoga, her essence and outlook on life has been transformed. Humbled by life experiences, Emily’s passion is to help others unlock their truest potential by cultivating a deeper connection within through breath and movement.

Emily will speak at The Guide to Good Divorce℠ seminar on September 18, 2021, on “7 Ways to Calm Yourself by Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System.”

Be empowered and learn how to successfully navigate through divorce to a healthier and happier life.