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Welcome to The Guide to Good Divorce℠

My name is Trey Yates. I am a Board Certified Family Law Attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization who has been practicing in the area of divorce and related family law matters since 1986.

Over the years, I have had the professional and personal pleasure of working with many women as they face one of life’s greatest challenges – divorce.

At a time when many feel they have lost control over almost every aspect of their lives, financial, emotional, and spiritual, they are thrust into an unfamiliar legal maze and are called upon to make important, irreversible life-changing decisions.

The sense of security that was known has been yanked out from beneath their feet and the loneliness of the journey can be overwhelming. Some women going through the transition known as divorce fare better than others. Those that see divorce as a catalyst to propel them into their next best life can emerge from the personal challenge of divorce stronger, wiser, and in more control of their destinies than ever before.

Over the years, I have organized and led an educational seminar for women who are facing divorce. The focus of the seminars is to assist them in collectively finding the tools, or keys as it were, for using divorce as a means to an end — a better life.

The Guide to Good Divorce is such a program. It is designed to empower women to successfully navigate through divorce toward a fuller, healthier, and happier life.

The program focuses on Five Keys I believe can unlock the door to a woman’s next best life following divorce.

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Join Us At The Next Guide To Good Divorce℠ Seminar And Learn How To Soar!

At the Seminars

Attendees have access to experts on the law of divorce in Texas, divorce financial planning, life skills and physical and spiritual wellness.

In addition, women who come to the seminar will have the opportunity to meet and share with others facing the challenges of divorce, and start to build new communities of support.

Regardless of where you may be in the process of divorce, I invite you to sign up for our next seminar to learn some new life skills, share your experiences and receive valuable legal and financial information.

Remember the story of the butterfly. The butterfly emerges beautiful, graceful, now endowed with wings, and no longer crawling around on the forest floor as a caterpillar. The butterfly is now soaring above the trees, above the forest itself – free, unrestricted and fulfilled as her own true self.

What was discomfort for the humble caterpillar was a divine discontent – the need for a bigger, finer and more interesting life. Her instinct told her that where there is true desire, there must be fulfillment.

The Program

Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, a board certified family law attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, has guided women through the trials and tribulations of divorce since 1986. He created The Guide to Good Divorce to empower women, of all ages, with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions during this emotionally turbulent time.

Over the years, I came to realize that women going through divorce could benefit from a wide range of expert advice and counsel throughout the divorce process. I created this program to be a source of encouragement, hope, strength, and community for these women as they transition out of marriage and into the next phase of their lives.”

How This Program Is Unique

The program is based on the philosophy that while divorce is rarely easy, it can be an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. It is Trey’s belief that the secret is learning to successfully navigate the divorce process. The Guide to Good Divorce program is designed to help women at all stages of the divorce process. At the heart of the program is guidance from uniquely qualified experts on Texas divorce laws, financial planning, life skills and wellness. The Guide to Good Divorce also provides opportunities for women facing divorce to network and connect with each other.

Las Cinco Claves para tu Próxima Mejor Vida

Those who attend The Guide to Good Divorce℠ will leave the seminar having had the opportunity to:

Acquire Legal Knowledge

A greater understanding of the law of divorce in Texas and with a newfound knowledge of how the law may be applied to their unique marital relationship.

Engage in Divorce Financial Planning

Increased awareness of how community property assets are divided, how to secure a stream of financial support after their divorce, and creative strategies for securing the right percentages of the right marital assets at the time of divorce.

Gain New Life Skills

New skills for coping and adapting to a different and better life after the divorce is final.

Practice Wellness

Practical tools to handle the stress and terror that come with divorce and ways to shift perspective from one of fear to one of gratitude.

Create New Communities

The power that can come from a community of like-minded women experiencing together the challenges that divorce can bring and the peace that comes from shared solutions.

Unlock the door to your next best life.

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Be empowered and learn how to successfully navigate through divorce to a healthier and happier life.