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Emotional Wellness…New Beginnings

There are times when divorce brings relief. It might also feel like a crushing weight, cause tremendous stress and strain on individuals and the children involved, be fraught with conflict, cause confusion, and leave us feeling helpless or without confidence. Often, some of the questions that arise are: Where do I turn for help in sorting the emotional parts of my divorce? How do I care for myself and my children in ways that are healthy? How am I going to survive this? What will life look like for me in a month, six months, or next year?

Talking about your feelings, questions, and concerns with a licensed therapist can support you in ways that create your personal roadmap for successful navigation. This is a time when your perception is especially important –moving from “survival mode” to “successful life change” will help. The truth is, our lives are always changing. How you respond to current challenges will help to shape the days ahead. You do have choices in problem solving, formulating goals, and making the most beneficial choices at any given time along the way. It is a new beginning, and it can be an exciting and positive time in your life.

Coleen’s presentation will address the following ideas:

  • Starting at the Beginning: Where are you in the process now?
  • One Day at a Time: How to eat an elephant.
  • Goal Development: If you could design your life (and you can), what will it look like in the future?
  • Coping with Stress: What works for you? How to remember, develop, and implement healthy coping skills.
  • Emotional Health: Why this is important and how to achieve it.
  • Going Forward: There is life after divorce!

Divorce recovery is at the heart of Coleen’s work. She has consulted with individuals in ways that helped to mitigate conflict and lower divorce-associated stress and legal fees, and assisted her clients in navigating the maze of feelings and decisions by respecting their voices. She works in a collaborative way that recognizes clients as experts about their own lives, really listens, and provides helpful feedback and guidance.

In association with the Houston Galveston Institute, Coleen Owens works with children, adolescents, couples, families, and individuals concerning relationship and life challenges. She instructs a pre-marital/relationship course, works with children and families through the Harris County Family Courts who are conflicted by divorce, has counseled children and adolescents at several Houston Independent School District schools, and works with a group at Covenant House as a volunteer. She holds a B.S. in psychology from the University of Houston, and a M.S. in psychology – marriage and family therapy from Our Lady of the Lake University, Houston.

Owens regularly attends AAMFT, HAMFT, and other professional continuing education forums and Houston Galveston Institute symposiums. After over 20 years of work in the legal and corporate arenas, she returned to school in order to be qualified as a mental health professional and do the work she loves, especially in the area of facilitating healthy individuals, couples, families and long term divorce success.

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